Aquitaine Attends Battle of Narvik 80th Anniversary

June 3, 2020 (Google Translation) – During her deployment in the North Atlantic, on May 28, 2020, the frigate Aquitaine made an anchorage in Narvik bay. She carried the French flag on the occasion of 80 th anniversary commemorations of the Battle of Narvik, alongside the frigate HNoMS Thor Heryerdal and Norwegian patrol vessel KV Hardstat .

This battle historically marked the Allies’ desire, during the Norwegian campaign, to cut the iron supply route to Nazi Germany to meet its military ends. The maneuver first allowed the Allies to resume the Narvik region before considering a re-embarkation, given the military context of the Battle of France.

After shore commemorations, which the sailors were unable to attend due to the health context, the frigate’s crew , alongside HNoMS Thor Heyerdal , carried out a band post during the wreath laying by KV Hardstat on the places of the wrecks of the sunken buildings, in memory of the Norwegian, British, Polish and German sailors who died in combat.

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