Petr Velikiy Prepares for Return to Service

May 29, 2020 (Google Translation) – The crew of the flagship of the Northern Fleet – the Petr Velikiy heavy nuclear missile cruiser – has completed preparations for going to sea, which is scheduled for next week.

A test of the crew’s readiness to carry out combat training missions at sea was conducted under the leadership of the commander of the missile ship division of the Northern Fleet.

The entire personnel of the cruiser passed tests in their specialties, took part in training at combat posts in various introductory exercises, exercises for fighting for the survivability of the ship, for preparing the ship for battle and cruise.

In addition, a ship review of the rescue property was conducted. Each crewmember was tested for personal rescue equipment on the water, as well as tests for putting on a rescue suit.

Before the planned launch at sea, the cruiser was replenished with artillery and missile ammunition.

In the Barents Sea, the ship will fulfill a number of single-sailing tasks, and will test weapon systems, radio-technical, sonar weapons and electronic warfare equipment.

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