Project 955A Knyaz Vladimir Delivered

May 28, 2020 (Google Translation) – Today in Severodvinsk (Arkhangelsk region), the signing of the acceptance act of the strategic missile submarine cruiser (SSBN) Knyaz Vladimir took place. In a festive atmosphere, the document was signed by the chairman of the State Acceptance Commission for the ships of the High Command of the Navy of Russia, Captain 1st Rank Aleksey Poteshkin, General Director of PO Sevmash JSC Mikhail Budnichenko, General Designer of TsKB MT Rubin Sergey Sukhanov and commander crew cruiser captain 1st rank Vladislav Druzhin.

The acceptance certificate is signed after the successful completion of all stages of the ship’s testing and confirms its readiness for transfer to the Navy.

As noted by the general director of the enterprise Mikhail Budnichenko, the teams of the plant, the Rubin design bureau, the cruiser’s crew and counterparty organizations have successfully completed a lot of work.

“The construction of the nuclear submarine Knyaz Vladimir is proof that we continue to develop the best shipbuilding traditions, the foundation of which is the brilliant work and high responsibility of scientists, designers and shipbuilders. This ship is a new word in the line of strategic missile carriers. Knyaz Vladimir has more advanced features, ”said Mikhail Budnichenko.

According to the commander of the nuclear submarine cruiser Captain 1st Rank Vladislav Druzhin, during the sea trials the crew fully studied and mastered the ship and is ready to begin to perform the tasks.

The official date for the inclusion of the SSBN in the Russian Navy will be the day when the solemn ceremony of the first rise on the ship of the Andreevsky flag will take place.

RPKSN Knyaz Vladimir made a control exit to the sea from May 12 to 21. In December last year, the missile carrier successfully completed a cycle of state tests, including missile and torpedo weapon systems.

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