U33 Returns from NATO Patrol

May 23, 2020 (Google Translation) – The submarine U33 will arrive at the naval base and home port in Eckernförde on Monday, May 25th, 2020 at 11.30 a.m. The boat, under the leadership of Lieutenant Colonel Tobias Eikermann (33), has undertaken several reconnaissance missions on NATO’s external border since February and was in the past few weeks under the Alliance’s maritime headquarters (Allied Maritime Command, MARCOM) in Northwood (Great Britain).

The patrol is part of the NATO Assurance Measures and focused on monitoring the activities of the Russian fleet. U33 is one of the first German submarines to report to MARCOM and to be used by its submarine command cell. Reinsurance measures are a sign of Allianz’s cohesion internally and of determination outside; they are a pillar of the NATO Readiness Action Plan and go back to the 2014 Wales Summit, where the Allies had agreed to increase their presence on the eastern flank.

“We have a special responsibility for the security of Allianz in the Baltic Sea. Our partners expect us to play a leading role,” said flotilla admiral Christian Bock (50). He is the commander of Operation Flotilla 1 of the German Navy, to which the 1st submarine squadron belongs. “The Baltic Sea is an extension of the northern flank. For our allies in Poland and the Baltic States, it is the only ‘wet’ supply route, a lifeline with only one natural access. Even in times of crisis, before every emergency, strengthening forces and supplies come through this sea route for the population. So we have to ensure the freedom and safety of these routes. This includes knowing who is going on the Baltic Sea, where and with what intentions. ”

The German Navy is not only the largest Alliance navy with access to the Baltic Sea, but above all has detailed knowledge of the navigationally and tactically demanding operational area above and below water. Diving long and undetected in the shallow, narrow and busy waters of the Baltic Sea requires crews who have been trained and trained to the highest standards. The German Navy is the only neighboring country to the Baltic Sea that can use its submarines in the whole Baltic Sea.

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