ASW Exercise SAGRE 20 Held off Brittany


May 19, 2020 (Google Translation) – From April 27 to 30, a high intensity exercise was held in the Atlantic. Under demanding conditions, the vessels of the naval action force continue to train, off the coast of Brittany.

Around the anti-submarine frigate (FASM) Latouche-Tréville , embarking a WG-13 Lynx helicopter detachment , the multi-mission frigate (FREMM) Aquitaine and a nuclear attack submarine, exercise SAGRE 20 took place in allied cooperation, with the presence of the frigate HMS Sutherland and the supply ship RFA Tideforce of the Royal Navy. This exercise made it possible to train the crews to evolve and cooperate together as well as to exchange know-how in the field of wrestling under the sea, while demonstrating our ability to ensure mastery of our maritime approaches.

The SAGRE 20 exercise involved two challenges:

• Training in the conduct of a combined naval air force under an underwater threat (such as the ship’s ability to escort a precious unit);

• Putting into practice reactions to a threat of submarines disrupting operations in times of crisis.

Conducted in demanding environmental conditions, the FASM Latouche-Tréville knew how to integrate the participating units within a coherent anti-submarine system to achieve the main objectives of the exercise.

Thus, no less than five exercises have taken place, from the command of a set of vessels to ensure an anti-submarine protection bubble (function performed by the role of Official Tactical Command, at know the unit ensuring the command of the naval force, here, the frigate Latouche-Tréville ) to the protection of ships having a strategic interest.

This exercise was the occasion of one of the last deployments to the Lynx Sea . It will be replaced by the Caïman Marine helicopter, a multi-role on-board combat helicopter, perfectly suited to current anti-submarine warfare. After the FASM- Lynx couple , the FREMM- Caïman Marine couple , a new standard in this particularly demanding field of wrestling.

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