KRI Teluk Bintuni Lands Special Raider Batallion in Papua

KRI Teluk Bintuni-520 docked at Biryosi Fasharkan Pier of the Indonesian Navy in Manokwari, Papua in the context of the debarkation of Special Raider Battalion 136/Tuah Sakti who are members of the Indonesian Pamtas Task Force-PNG Special Buffer for the Papua Region, Monday (4/4)

Tank transport type warship ( AT) dispatched 200 soldiers from the Special Raider Battalion 136/Tuah Sakti along with weapons and tactical vehicles to be used while on duty as border security forces in Papua and Papua New Guinea.

The commander of KRI Teluk Bintuni-520 Marine Lieutenant Colonel (F) Agung Ariwibowo via a cellular connection said that the 200 Special Raider Battalion 136/Tuah Sakti soldiers who descended on Manokwari were all in good health and high morale to carry out assignments as Pamtas Task Force, as well as the condition KRI TBN-520 soldiers. In addition to carrying out troop debarkation, KRI TBN-520 also carried out re-stocking to meet the logistics needs of ships and personnel.

Furthermore, Lieutenant Colonel Agung said that during the voyage, the relationship between KRI Teluk Bintuni-520 soldiers and Special Raider Battalion 136/Tuah Sakti soldiers was very well established so that during the voyage there was a sense of togetherness and cohesiveness.

The Commander of the Military Seaborne Command Rear Admiral TNI Erwin S Aldedharma expressed his gratitude to God Almighty after receiving a report that KRI Teluk Bintuni-520 which carried out support for military sea transportation by the Indonesian Pamtas Task Force-PNG Special Buffer for the Papua Region had arrived safely in Manokwari, Papua and All personnel and materials of the Pamtas Task Force have been debarked in good condition.

Panglima Kolinlamil reminded the Commander of KRI Teluk Bintuni-520 to always maintain communication and serve well the other dimensional troops on board his ship in order to build solidity, corporal spirit and synergy so that the morale of the soldiers remains high and maintained. This is in accordance with the emphasis of the Chief of Naval Staff, Admiral Yudo Margono, that TNI AL soldiers must be able to build solidity with all components of defense and security.

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