Project 941 Dmitry Donskoy Celebrates 40th Birthday

December 29 marks the 40th anniversary of the signing of the acceptance certificate for the Dmitry Donskoy heavy nuclear submarine cruiser. Project 941 nuclear powered icebreaker was built at Sevmash (part of USC).

The laying of the nuclear submarine took place on June 30, 1976, construction lasted five and a half years. The heavy cruiser Dmitry Donskoy became the lead in a series of six ships. Especially for the creation of third-generation nuclear-powered ships, a grandiose reconstruction was carried out at Sevmash, a new boathouse was erected – the largest covered structure for the construction of nuclear submarines in Europe.

The project of the ship was developed at the St. Petersburg Central Design Bureau of Marine Engineering “Rubin” under the leadership of Sergei Kovalev. Responsible deliverer – Alexander Belopolsky, commissioning mechanic – Grigory Pavlyuk. More than a thousand enterprises from all over the country took part in the creation of the nuclear submarine. “We worked like in a war” – this is how the shipyard characterized the pace of ship construction. 1219 workers at Sevmash were awarded orders and medals. In 1989, the Dmitry Donskoy nuclear submarine returned to Sevmash for repair and modernization. The ships actually gave the submarine a second life, having converted it for testing the Bulava ballistic missile.

“This is a grandiose project that only such a great country as the Soviet Union could master,” emphasized Sevmash General Director Mikhail Budnichenko. – Not a single fleet in the world has such ships and will not have it in the near future. Today, the heavy nuclear submarine Dmitry Donskoy provides testing of the fourth generation nuclear submarines of the Yasen-M and Borey-A projects, which are being built at Sevmash, and helps them take their first steps at sea. ”

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