RFS Stary Oskol Returns from Black Sea Deep Diving Trials

The crew of the Stary Oskol diesel-electric submarine (SS) of the Black Sea Fleet (Black Sea Fleet) returns to the base after completing a set of training tasks in the Black Sea.

In the course of going to sea, the submariners conducted a joint exercise with naval aviation and anti-submarine ships of the Black Sea Fleet, and also completed tasks in the underwater and surface positions, worked out elements of urgent and regular diving and laying the submarine on the ground.

In addition, the crew of the submarine “Stary Oskol” conducted intra-ship exercises on damage control, submarine control in the surface and underwater positions, and also worked out an algorithm for diving to various depths, while drifting and on the move. The maximum immersion depth was more than240 meters away…

The exercise was carried out in accordance with the plan for combat training of the naval forces, which was aimed at increasing the level of professional skill of sailors.

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