Japan Outlines Plans for Relocation of US Air Assets on Okinawa

We would like to inform you that the outline of the training plan for the relocation of training related to the reorganization of the US military (relocation of training for rotorcraft, tilt rotor aircraft, etc. to outside Okinawa Prefecture) is as follows.

Based on the agreement of the Japan-US Joint Committee dated September 1, 2016, this training relocation is currently at Futenma Air Station in order to further promote training outside Okinawa Prefecture and reduce the burden on Okinawa due to training activities. The training activities for tilt rotor aircraft, etc. located in Okinawa will be relocated outside Okinawa Prefecture and will be incorporated into actual training with the US Marine Corps (Resolve Dragon 21) in Japan. This is the 14th training relocation. (13 times in Japan, 1 time in Guam, etc.).

Training period
Reiwa 3rd December 4th (Sat) -December 17th (Fri)

Participating troops
[US Army]
1st Marine Aircraft Wing 36th Marine Aircraft Group 262nd Marine Corps Medium Tilt Rotor Aircraft Squadron (Futenma), 3rd Marine Division 4th Marine Regiment (Camp Schwab), etc.
[Ground Self-Defense Force]
9th Division 5 Ordinary Division Regiment, Tohoku Area Special Division, Tohoku Area Air Corps, etc.

Training place
Ojojihara Exercise Area, Iwateyama Exercise Area, Hachinohe Exercise Area, Kasuminome Station, Yausubetsu Exercise Area, etc.

Training items
Air assault training, etc.

Participation scale
[US Army]
MV-22 x 10 aircraft, AH-1 x 3 aircraft, UH-1 x 3 aircraft, CH-53 x 4 aircraft, etc.
[Ground Self – Defense Force] AH-1 x 3 aircraft, UH- About 1 x 4 aircraft

* 1 The MV-22 will use the USFJ Misawa Air Base, the USFJ Atsugi Air Base, and the Ground Self-Defense Force Kasuminome Station for the maintenance of the aircraft for this training.
* 2 About 2 US Air Force CV-22s (Yokota Air Base) are scheduled to participate in this training.
* 3 This content is subject to change in the future.

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