Multinational Maritime Cooperation Tested in Southern Portugal

​The Navy organizes, from October 25-29th in the areas south of Portimão, the exercise SEABORDER21 whose objective is to train techniques, tactics and procedures of maritime security operations for the exercise of State authority at sea , as well as strengthening cooperation between the Armed Forces of the 10 participating countries.

The exercise will feature eight ships and two maritime surveillance aircraft, in an approximate number of 400 soldiers belonging to the countries of the 5+5 Defense Initiative. Portugal will participate through an Ocean Patrol Vessel and two Navy Rapid Surveillance Speedboats and a Portuguese Air Force maritime patrol aircraft.

SEABORDER21 also strengthens cooperation between the Armed Forces of the ten countries. In particular, the strengthening of information sharing between the Maritime Operations Centers, and the operational use of ships, aircraft and unmanned vehicles in combating illicit activities at sea.

The 5+5 Defense Initiative, established in 2004, includes the 5 countries on the north bank and the 5 countries on the south bank of the Western Mediterranean Sea: Algeria, Spain, France, Italy, Libya, Malta, Mauritania, Morocco, Portugal and Tunisia; and aims to contribute to the maintenance and promotion of trust, collaboration, and cooperation between defense structures.

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