Dumont d’Urville Admitted to Active Service April 17

April 27, 2020 (Google Translation) – The Overseas Support and Assistance Building (BSAOM) Dumont d’Urville was admitted to active service on April 17, 2020 by Admiral Christophe Prazuck, Chief of the Naval Staff. Fourth and last born in its series, the Dumont d’Urville joins the ranks of the Navy with its “sistership” D’Entrecasteaux and Bougainville , both admitted in 2016, and the Champlain, in 2017.

The day after their admission, crew B of the Dumont d’Urville signed up for Operation Resilience: on April 18 in the morning, the building was reached at the Pointe-à-Pitre quay in Guadeloupe by the door – amphibious helicopters (PHA) Diksmuide . The latter then transfers six containers and a few pallets of freight to the rear shelf of the BSAOM, which immediately sets sail to set sail for Cayenne. Its goal is to deliver them as quickly as possible to the local authorities of Guyana in order to effectively support the fight against the covid-19 pandemic and thus come to the aid of the population.

Modern and versatile, the BSAOMs are Navy vessels dedicated to sovereignty, assistance and support missions overseas . More specifically, they participate in the missions of:

  • Presence, surveillance and protection of French interests in the exclusive economic zone, ranging from the fisheries police to depollution missions, including the fight against illicit trafficking.
  • Safeguarding and assistance for the benefit of populations, especially in the event of a natural disaster, and ships in distress.
  • Logistical support: their large platform and powerful crane enables them to transport freight and vehicles. They can also board divers to carry out underwater interventions.
  • Projection of police or gendarmerie.

In addition, the Dumont d’Urville can take on a multiple-use commando boat (ECUME), thus giving it additional operational capacity.

Based in Fort-de-France in Martinique, the BSAOM Dumont d’Urville strengthens the surveillance and maritime protection system of the armed forces in the Antilles alongside the surveillance frigates (FS) Ventôse and Germinal and the Antilles-Guyana patroller (PAG).

The BSAOM Dumont d’Urville is named after a famous French explorer: Jules Dumont d’Urville. At the same time naval officer, adventurer and scientist, he is notably known for having discovered and taken possession in the name of France in 1838 of Adélie Land. On his return he was appointed rear admiral and decorated with the great gold medal of the Geographic Society.

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