Exercise SIFOREX 2021 Participants Revealed

With the ARC Missile Frigate “Almirante Padilla”, the Colombian Navy will participate in the Silent Forces Exercise – SIFOREX 2021, to be held from September 19 to 23. These exercises are intended to increase interoperability in Anti-Submarine Warfare, allowing the crew of surface, submarine and air units to exchange knowledge, tactics and technology among participating countries.

On this occasion, in Operation SIFOREX, different units of the United States Navy will participate, such as: the USS Destroyer. “Mustin”, two MH-60R, the USS. “John P Murtha”, the USS Submarine. “Columbia” and a P-8 Airplane. Likewise, the ARC Frigate will participate on the part of the Colombian National Navy. “Admiral Padilla”. Similarly, the National Navy of Mexico will participate with the OPV ARM. “Benito Juárez” and from the Peruvian Navy the BAP “Mariátegui”, the BAP “Ferre”, the BAP “Carrasco”, the BAP “San Lorenzo”, the BAP “Pisagua”, the BAP “Islay” , the BAP “Arica”, a UH-3H Helicopter and two B-200 airplanes.

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