FS Cassiopée Relocates Second World War Bomb and Mine to Deep Water

April 24, 2020 (Google Translation) – On April 20 and 21, 2020, the tripartite mine hunter (CMT) Cassiopée discovered a 500-pound US bomb and a German BM 1000 mine off Le Havre using one of its self-propelled fish (PAP). PAPs are small guided submarines that identify and if necessary neutralize a mine by depositing explosive devices up to 150 meters deep.

These two munitions were countermoved on April 22, 2020 by the demining divers from Cassiopée , for a TNT equivalent of 126 kg for the US bomb and 837 kg for the German mine, or 963 kg of TNT equivalent in total.

Cassiopeia is deployed in the Seine bay since April 17, 2020, as part of the security of maritime approaches metropolitan and especially the monitoring of access of the main commercial ports, in order to guarantee the free flow of traffic at all times maritime.

In the English Channel and North Sea in 2019, the joint action of the group of mine-clearing divers from the English Channel and mine hunters of the French Navy made it possible to destroy 1,786 historic devices (at sea and on the foreshore), which represented 19 tonnes (19,100 kg) of TNT equivalent.

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