Two Caspian Flotilla Corvettes Taking Part in 2021 Army International Games in Iran

In Dagestan, at the base of the Caspian Flotilla, the crews of the small artillery ships Makhachkala and Astrakhan began intensive preparations for the Sea Cup competition of the 2021 Army International Games.

Every day on special simulators of the training complex “Caspian” sailors improve the skills of fighting for the survivability of the ship. The personnel of emergency parties fulfills the standards for localization and extinguishing of fire in the ship compartments, as well as for plugging holes in the hull and eliminating the incoming outboard water.

In the premises of the training complex, imitating various internal ship compartments, servicemen in conditions as close as possible to combat, with the actual intake of outboard water, train the skills and abilities to eliminate holes in the hull of the ship in the minimum time. When performing tasks, sailors use standard means of struggle for survivability: overhead patches of various types, wedges and sliding stops.

When extinguishing a fire, sailors are trained to seal the burning compartment, prevent the spread of fire and eliminate fires.

The main tasks for the participants of the competition are to work out the algorithm and coordinated actions as part of the team, as well as the competent distribution of the efforts of the ship’s crew in the process of performing exercises at the Sea Cup competition.

The competition for maritime training among the crews of surface ships of the participating countries “Sea Cup” will be held from August 25 to September 4 at the naval base of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Caspian sailors will demonstrate skill in performing artillery firing at sea and air targets, in anchoring the ship and mooring barrel, rescue training, as well as in the struggle for the survivability of the ship.

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