FS Forbin Trains to Operate in Nuclear Fallout Zone

During their engagement in Operation CHAMMAL, the crew of the Air Defense Frigate (FDA) Forbin trained in defense against aggressive Nuclear, Radiological, Biological and Chemical (NRBC).

This exercise aimed to fight against the effects of a nuclear weapon while ensuring the implementation of the weapon systems from the “citadel” situation, the situation of the building which guarantees its perfect airtightness. After a fictitious nuclear explosion in the area of ​​operations, collective protection devices were implemented. The “pen calculation”, aimed at predicting the trajectory of the nuclear cloud, carried out by the NRBC module of the operations center, and the switch to gas turbines allowed the building to choose the kinematics that would minimize the operational impact of the consequences of the ‘explosion.

The RADEF ( Radiological Defense ) command post directed the shift changes . This particular organization, with recall to the fallback station, has been adapted in order to respect the strict sanitary protocol imposed on board. The training continued with a round of external investigation led by staff from the security brigade.

The crew was thus able to mechanize their reflexes and deepen their knowledge of the NRBC threat in order to operate in unconventional environments.

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