The construction of the Flottilj 2020 project’s first multipurpose corvette has progressed and thus it was time for keel stretching. A traditional keel stretching ceremony was celebrated at the shipyard in Raumo on Thursday 11.4.2024.

The keel stretch is an important milestone in the construction of the Flottilj 2020 project’s multipurpose corvettes. The first building block has now been placed in the building dolly. Next, the ship will be built, piece by piece, around the first block.

Construction of the multi-purpose corvette has progressed according to plan after construction began in late October 2023. The keel stretching is a traditional ceremony to celebrate the progress of construction. The tradition also includes placing coins under the keel.

Rauma Marine Constructions (RMC) and its subsidiary RMC Defense Oy are building four Pohjanmaa Class multipurpose corvettes for the Navy. From the Swedish Armed Forces’ side, the ships are ordered by the Swedish Armed Forces’ logistics department. The vessels are designed to operate in the varying conditions of the Baltic Sea. During all seasons, the corvettes can, among other things, lay sea mines, conduct underwater warfare, secure sea connections and long-term military presence at sea. The Flotilla 2020 project will be completed in its entirety in 2029.