RFS Romuald Mukhlevich Searching for Sunken Ships in the Arctic

The hydrographic vessel “Romuald Muklevich” went to the Barents Sea to participate in the final stages of the complex expedition of the Northern Fleet and the Russian Geographical Society “Remember the War”, dedicated to the study of ships and vessels that died during the Great Patriotic War.

The vessel’s research trip to the Arctic, which began yesterday, will last until the first decade of September. The expedition plans to spend a month and a half in the Arctic seas without replenishment. This is the first after modernization and repair of the vessel “Romuald Muklevich” to its full autonomy, which is 45 days. Previously, the hydrographer made exits to the Barents Sea to conduct hydrological studies, which did not exceed two weeks.

The vessel will have to conduct search operations in the Barents and Kara Seas with an emphasis on studying the possible places of loss of ships of Allied convoys. In total, it is planned to survey more than 20 areas in the seas of the Arctic, where surface ships, submarines and support vessels were killed.

In addition, the expedition members will have to perform a number of memorial events in memory of the defenders of the Fatherland who died during the Great Patriotic War.

To participate in the expedition, a joint group of specialists of the hydrographic service and the department of search and rescue operations of the fleet with remotely controlled underwater equipment was formed. They will also have to study a number of port points of the Northern Sea Route. Hydrographers will perform a number of oceanographic studies in the Novaya Zemlya region in the Belushya Bay and in the Ugra Ball Strait.

It is planned to continue work on the icebreaker steamer “Vaigach” discovered in 2020 near the port of Dixon.

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