The overseas patrol vessel ( POM ) Teriieroo a Teriierooiterai set sail from Brest on March 16 to reach Papette, its future port base.

This departure closes a phase of arming in mainland France which lasted almost two years, since the core crew was formed in May 2022. At the end of this period, the ship received authorization to sail by the permanent commission programs and tests (CPPE), which allows it to carry out transit to Papeete. The crew was awarded operational qualification after an operational preparation (MECO) which was completed a few days before departure.

On the day of departure, families were able to enjoy one last moment with their loved ones by coming on board the building before setting sail. After a visit to the ship, ready for the big crossing, and a final goodbye, the patrol boat cast off at 5:00 p.m. to leave the port of Brest and Breton waters.

The deployment to Papeete, planned over more than two months, will take the ship to cross the Atlantic Ocean, pass Cape Horn, then reach Polynesia across the Pacific Ocean . The objectives of this mission are to verify the capabilities of the building in all environments and to contribute to the maintenance of bilateral relations with the countries crossed.

At the end of this deployment, the ship which is still the property of the industrialist will become the property of the State and will be delivered to the Navy. It will also be very close to its admission to active service (ASA), from which it will contribute to the protection of the Polynesian maritime space.