Head of Taiwan’s Submarine Program Retires Early

July 22, 2021 (Google Translation) – In response to media reports that “Ship Commander Gao Jiabin retired ahead of schedule, the process of submarine construction may be affected”, the Navy Command stated today (22) that Lieutenant Admiral Gao Jiabin has applied for discharge. The headquarters has been soothing for many times. Since high school will have another career plan, the department respects personal wishes and handles demobilization operations in accordance with regulations.

The Naval Command emphasized that the state-built submarine case is currently implemented in accordance with the planned schedule and will not be affected by personnel changes; the army continues to uphold a prudent and rigorous attitude to manage risks, and supervise it in the Legislative Council and the Supervisory Council. Next, the construction of the submarine was completed as scheduled and in quality, and we appealed to the people for their support.

Graphic from Taiwan Military Web

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