Germany Modernizing Five Minehunters

(Google Translation) – On July 9, 2021, the Federal Office for Equipment, Information Technology and Use of the Bundeswehr (BAAINBw) signed a contract with Atlas Elektronik with an order volume of 44 million euros for the procurement of additional command and weapon systems for minehunting boats.

The mine hunting boats DILLINGEN, HOMBURG, SULZBACH-ROSENBERG, FULDA and WEILHEIM of the Frankenthal class (MJ332) will be equipped with the most modern version of the command and weapon deployment system IMCMS (Integrated Mine Countermeasures System) between 2022 and 2025.

“With the retrofitting of another five boats to the latest generation of IMCMS, we are taking the next step towards standardizing the technology for combating sea mines on mine-hunting boats and the cross-sectional use of the IMCMS training and testing system.”, Says the responsible project manager at BAAINBw.

During mine hunting, the minehunter drives along calculated paths through the minefield and detects suspicious objects. If the detection meets certain requirements, the sea fox mine destruction drone is used for classification and / or combat. The embarked mine divers are also used in certain situations.

As an indispensable prerequisite for safe operation in use, during exercises and in training, the new IMCMS with all hardware and software components meets the requirements for information security.

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