Braunschweig Deploys on UNIFIL Mission

June 12, 2021 (Google Translation) – On Sunday, June 13th, 2021 at 4:45 pm, the corvette “Braunschweig” will leave her home port of Warnemünde to take part in the UNIFIL mission (United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon) off the Lebanese coast.

Under the command of frigate captain Philipp Wohlrab (38), the crew “Bravo” will go on a sea voyage to Limassol (Cyprus) and relieve the corvette “Magdeburg” in the operational area. For the experienced naval officer, this foreign assignment is special in two ways. “On the one hand, the deployment in the current tense security situation in the Eastern Mediterranean will be a challenge, but we are familiar with the area of ​​deployment, so I am not worried,” said the commander. “Furthermore, the four-month mission is special from a personal point of view, as I will give up command of the K130 crew ‘Bravo’ after my return in October and thus this will be my last sea voyage with this great crew,” he explains.

Due to the pandemic-related situation, the expedition will be closed to the public and without ceremony. The commander of the 1st Corvette Squadron, Frigate Captain Florian Feld (45) explains: “It was with a heavy heart that we decided to take this step. However, the safety of everyone involved has the highest priority”.

In addition to the German blue helmet soldiers, ships and boats from Brazil, Greece, Bangladesh, Indonesia and Turkey are also involved in the UN mission in the Mediterranean. The main task of the marines will be the surveillance of the sea. This also includes working with the Lebanese authorities and continuing to train the Lebanese navy in coastal protection. Since the beginning of the year, the entire fleet association has been under the German leadership of Flotilla Admiral Axel Schulz.

At the end of October, the “Bravo” crew will be replaced by the “Charlie” crew in the operational area and will return to Warnemünde. The corvette “Braunschweig”, however, remains in the eastern Mediterranean.

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