Ministry of National Defense (MND) and the Defense Acquisition Program Administration (hereinafter referred to as the Defense Acquisition Program Administration) announced that at around 3:19 a.m. on Saturday, December 2 (around 10:19 a.m. local time, Friday, December 1), the first military reconnaissance satellite of the ROK military was successfully launched from Vandenberg Space Force Base in California, U.S.

The newly launched military reconnaissance satellite No. 1 separated from the Falcon-9 launch vehicle about 14 minutes after launch, and about 78 minutes later, it successfully communicated with overseas ground stations, confirming that the satellite was in good condition and successfully settled into orbit.

Military reconnaissance satellite No. 1 will carry out surveillance and reconnaissance missions in earnest after conducting a space orbit test and operational test evaluation under the supervision of the military in the actual operating environment.

The Ministry of National Defense and the Korea Defense Agency said, “With the successful launch of the first military reconnaissance satellite, the military has secured its own intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance capabilities, and the military reconnaissance satellite will serve as a cornerstone for strengthening the kill chain capability as a core force that will serve as the foundation for the Korean three-axis system.”

The first military reconnaissance satellite launched this time was developed by the Korea Aerospace Research Institute, the Agency for Defense Development, and domestic companies under the project management of the Korea Aerospace Research Institute, the Agency for Defense Development, and the Korean company, and it is significant in that it strengthened the capabilities of the domestic space industry as well as the military strength.

In addition, the ROK military is also developing a micro-satellite system for rapid symptom monitoring and early warning, and will make active efforts to maximize the capabilities of the military’s independent surveillance and reconnaissance assets through the complementary operation of the military reconnaissance satellite and micro-satellite system so that it can gain an overwhelming advantage in North Korea’s competitive landscape.