KRI Diponegoro Exercises with RSS Tenacious in the Java Sea

June 10, 2021 (Google Translation) – KRI Diponegoro-365 from the Eskorta Ship Unit (Satkor) Koarmada II carried out a joint exercise with the Republic of Singapore warship RSS Tenacious 71 with activities in the form of maneuvering and personnel training, tactical publications and light communication signals taking place in the Java Sea, North of Bawean Island, Wednesday (9/09). 06).

The RSS Tenacius-71 ship entered Indonesia’s territorial territory on its way to Guam, while crossing Indonesian waters an exercise was held with KRI Diponegoro in the form of a passing exercise (Passex).

The exercise begins with the implementation of the standard procedures (Protap) when passing foreign warships which are opened through the RSS Tenacius communication which provides information on the rights and obligations of carrying out peaceful crossings that are regulated in international law and conventions (UNCLOS 1982).

The implementation of tactical and military maneuvers (OOWEX-COMEX) and Flag and Light Communication Signals (NAVCOMEX) as well as light communication signaling exercises (FLASHEX) went well and smoothly. The existence of this exercise shows a sense of friendship between fellow Marines (Seamen Brotherhood).

After the exercise was over, KRI Diponegoro, commanded by Marine Lieutenant Colonel (F) Adam Tjahya, ST, M.Tr. Hanla. carry out escort and shadowing to the islands of Masalembo and ended with a farewell message, then RSS tenacious continued its journey to the final port of Guam at a speed of 14 knots.

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