Navy Deploys Antonio Luna on Maiden Mission

June 10, 2021 – The Philippine Navy, through the Philippine Fleet, held a simple send-off ceremony to its second frigate, BRP Antonio Luna (FF151), at Pier 13, June 10, with the new PN Flag Officer In Command, Rear Adm. Adeluis Bordado as the presiding officer and Fleet commander, Rear Adm. Alberto Carlos.

Also witnessing the ceremony were the Forces, Wing and Center Commanders, Commo Roy Vincent Trinidad (C, Littoral Combat Force), Commo Karl Decapia (C, Naval Air Wing), Commo Florante Gagua (C, Sealift Amphibious Force), Capt. Junjie Tabuada (C,Fleet Training Doctrine Center), Capt. Edwin Nera (C, Submarine Grouo), Capt. Peter Tolentino III (C, Naval Meteorological and Oceanographic Center), and selected HPN staff.

BRP Antonio Luna (FF151), skippered by Navy Capt. Charles Merric Villanueva had recently declared a high state of operational readiness after successfully complying all pre-deployment requirements. Further, after completing its logistical fill-up, the frigate will be deployed in Naval Forces West.

In his remarks, Navy chief Bordado urged the officers and sailors of FF151, “who will sail one of the most advanced platforms that will fly the national ensign, [to] sail boldly. I know that you have trained very hard for this.”

“I want you to know how much pride and honor you carry and magnify for the entire Command by carrying the Philippine flag during your first and most challenging mission yet. Make waves, bow, and winds obey,” added Bordado.

This deployment will be FF151’s first official mission since its arrival in the country and commissioning under Offshore Combat Force.

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