Project 885 Kazan Arrives in Northern Fleet

June xx, 2021 (Microsoft Translation) – Today, the fourth-generation Kazan nuclear submarine cruiser of the Yasen-M project arrived at its permanent base in the Northern Fleet.

Rear Admiral Vladimir Vorobyev, the chief of staff of the Northern Fleet, representatives of the Command of the Red Banner Submarine Forces of the Northern Fleet, the closed administrative and territorial formation of Saozersk, met the submariners at the pier.

According to the report of the commander of the cruiser Captain 1st rank Alexander Beketov, the tasks of the inter-base transition by the crew are fulfilled in full, the material part of the ship is healthy, the personnel is healthy and ready to perform the tasks.

On behalf of the commander of the Northern Fleet of the Hero of Russia, Admiral Alexander Moiseyev, the crew of the ship was congratulated by the Chief of Staff of the Northern Fleet, Rear Admiral Vladimir Vorobyov. He expressed confidence that the crew of the nuclear submarine “Kazan” will strengthen Russia’s defense capability with dignity and high quality and noted that this is the second ship of the fourth generation as part of the compound.”

On May 7, under the leadership of Admiral Nikolay Evmenov, the Commander-in-Chief of the Navy, Sevmash held a solemn reception ceremony for the Russian Navy nuclear submarine cruiser Kazan. The submarine cruiser “Kazan” is enlisted in the combat composition of the northern fleet’s submarine forces, the same where the main ship of Project 885 “Yasen” is serving under the name “Severodvinsk”. Commanded by the first crew of the nuclear submarine “Kazan” Captain 1st rank Alexander Beketov, who had the honor to raise the St. Andrew’s flag for the first time on the ship. Prior to his appointment as commander of Kazan, he was a senior assistant commander at Severodvinsk and has extensive experience in the operation of the ships of this project.

The Yasen-M project has been developed by the Malahit Design Bureau and has effective strike and electronic weapons that allow tasks to be carried out in all areas of the world’s oceans. Kazan , the main submarine of this project was laid down at Sevmash in the city of Severodvinsk on March 24, 2009, launched on March 31, 2017.

Kazan is a modified version of the Yasen submarine. Ash is a class of fourth-generation nuclear submarines with a reduced acoustic field. They are equipped with Kalibr cruise missiles and are capable of hitting targets both on the ground, on the water and under water.

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