Commandant Birot Trains with HMS Trent in the Black Sea

May 19, 2021 (Google Translation) – Arrived in the Black Sea on Tuesday, May 11, the Patroller of the High Seas (PHM) Commander Birot conducted training with the British vessel HMS Trent on Monday, May 17.

After fluid and rapid planning to establish the contours of this PASSEX (exercise of opportunity at sea), the two units came together for a series of coordinated maneuvers. The French and British ships successively maneuvered in relation to each other while apprehending the external environment such as maritime traffic, particularly dense in the Black Sea.

This training, conducted in a dynamic and efficient manner, made it possible to carry out a set of simple maneuvers which are essential in the context of work in a constituted naval force. After greeting each other with the sound of the bugle and the whistle, the two vessels resumed, independently, their patrol in the Black Sea. This interaction illustrates the excellent understanding and interoperability that exists between the two Marines regardless of their area of ​​operations.

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