RFS Kazan Commissioned in Severodvinsk

May 7, 2021 (Google Translation) – Today, in Severodvinsk, the SEVMASH plant, under the leadership of the Chief of the Russian Navy, Admiral Nikolay Evmenov, hosted a solemn reception ceremony for the Navy’s nuclear submarine cruiser (APC) of the 4th generation Kazan project Yasen-M. On the flagpole of the submarine raised The St. Andrew’s Naval Flag, which the Head of the Russian Navy Admiral Nikolay Evmenov presented to the commander of the APC “Kazan”captain 1st rank Alexander Beketov in a solemn atmosphere. Since then, the nuclear submarine missile cruiser Kazan has officially joined the Navy.

The ceremony was also attended by First Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Tatarstan Rustam Nigmatullin, Commander of the Northern Fleet Admiral Alexander Moiseyev, Governor of the Arkhangelsk Region Alexander Tsybulskiy, Head of Severodvinsk Igor Skubenko, Vice President of Military Shipbuilding of USC Vladimir Korolev, General Director of Sevmash Mikhail Budnichenko and General Director of the St. Petersburg Maritime Bureau of Mechanical Engineering

Speaking to the participants of the ceremony, the Head of the Russian Navy, Admiral Nikolay Evmenov, said: “Today we are raising the Naval Flag on the newest nuclear submarine cruiser Kazan, which is the head of the new generation of ships. The Kazan APC project has been developed by the Malahit Design Bureau and has effective strike and electronic weapons that allow tasks to be carried out in all areas of the world’s oceans. I am confident that the crew of the nuclear submarine Kazan will strengthen Russia’s defense capability with dignity and high quality.

The cruiser was built by the ships of the Northern Engineering Company, which created the first nuclear submarine in our country, the Leninsky Komsomol, the world’s largest nuclear submarines “Shark” and more than 200 warships and submarines”

“Thank you to all who have contributed their work, skill, talent and soul to the creation of this ship, I wish you good health, further success,” said the Head of the Russian Navy Admiral Nikolay Evmenov at the ceremony.

Earlier, on May 5, on the eve of the kazan acceptance ceremony, Admiral Nikolay Evmenov, Commander-in-Chief of the Russian Navy, approved a acceptance act indicating the successful completion of the tests of the nuclear submarine Kazan. The order of the Chief of the Navy, Admiral Nikolay Evmenov, to enlist the submarine in the Navy was read out at the ceremony today, May 7.

Press Service of Sevmash photo.

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