Op Atalanta: Carabiniere Conducts Force Demonstration Activities

May 3, 2021 (Google Translation) – From 25 to 28 April, Carabiniere ship , Flagship of the Operation Atalanta, carried out a Focused Operation activity.

During this period the Unit, in addition to carrying out the usual activities of information collection and patrolling provided for by the mission, also carried out force demonstration activities in the vicinity of different Somali coastal locations, aimed at highlighting the presence of the European task force to the Somali population. in defense and protection of their interests.

Operation Atalanta: Carabiniere ship carries out Demostration activities in favor of the Somali population.

During the four days, as part of the activities of Civilian and Military Cooperation (CiMiC), the Carabiniere frigate he carried out numerous friendly from the boat approaches to local fishing boats with Somali-born personnel on board.

In addition, the operations at sea were accompanied by the Key Leader Engagements activity conducted by Rear Admiral Luca P. Esposito with various local authorities.

The Unit, after concluding the Focused Operation, resumed its patrol function, combating piracy and protecting Somali fishermen in the Indian Ocean waters.

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