The Main Indonesian Navy Base (Lantamal) I Belawan carried out various activities to welcome the 78th Republic of Indonesia Fleet Day at Mako Lantamal I, Jalan Serma Hanafiah No. 01, Belawan, North Sumatra, Thursday (30 November 2023).

The agenda of activities begins with a Flower Sowing Ceremony at sea led by Danlantamal I, Marine Colonel (P) Dores Afrianto Ardi, SE, M.Si., M.Han., CHRMP., represented by Wadan Lantamal I Marine Colonel Sudin Kaban in the gladak KAL- Viper along the Belawan waters. After the ceremony, the Blood Donation Social Service activities continued and distribution of basic food packages as well as the launch of Gempal, Navy Tourism and Proclassification.

This activity was carried out simultaneously by all bases under the Republic of Indonesia Fleet Command (Koarmada RI) from Sabang to Merauke which was centered at the Headquarters of the Republic of Indonesia Fleet Command, Central Jakarta, led by the Commander of the Republic of Indonesia Fleet Command (Pangkoarmada RI) Vice Admiral TNI Heru Kusmanto through the vicon. .

The blood donation activity at Lantamal I was attended by 150 participants consisting of Lantamal I and Yonmarhanlan I personnel, representatives of TNI/Polri units, representatives of the Belawan maritime agency, Jalasenastri, the Gempal launch was held at Lantamal I Headquarters and the Belawan TNI AL complex, Navy tourism was carried out with visits from Kindergarten and elementary school students who live in the Belawan area went to the KRI which was docked at Lantamal I Pier, the launch of the Happy Beach and Clean Sea Movement was carried out at Lantamal I Pier, as well as symbolic distribution of basic necessities to cleaning workers from Medan Belawan District. As long as the activity runs safely and smoothly. Also attending the activity were PJU, Kadis and Kasatker as well as all soldiers and civil servants from Lantamal I and Yonmarhanlan I.