The crew of the base minesweeper “Solovki Yunga” of the Kola Flotilla of Diverse Forces performed a set of combat exercises in the ranges of the Barents Sea. According to the press service of the Russian Defense Ministry, as part of the exercise, a submarine was escorted behind trawls through a minefield and contact and non-contact trawls were set up.

According to the military department, then the combat crews of the artillery installation learned to shoot down low-flying aircraft, destroy floating mines, enemy warships and coastal targets.

In addition to improving the skills of using artillery weapons, the crew of the minesweeper worked out certain elements of the second course task, including providing anti-submarine and sabotage defense in an unprotected roadstead with preventive grenade throwing, as well as combating the survivability of weapons and technical equipment according to various inputs.

” Solovki cabin boy ” – the basic minesweeper of project 1265/12650 (code “Yakhont”), has been in service since 1988. The ship with a displacement of 460 tons is designed to search, detect and destroy sea mines and guide ships through minefields.

The ship is armed with two AK-230M 30mm artillery systems, two 2M-3M 25mm mounts and a 9K34 Strela-3 air defense system. For mine action, the GKT-2 deep-water contact trawl, the AT-6 acoustic trawl or the PEMT-4 electromagnetic loop trawl, the AT-6 acoustic trawl or the ST-2 solenoid electromagnetic trawl, as well as other equipment are intended.

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