“The war that is taking place at the borders of the Republic of Poland, the aggressive Russian policy, the attempt to rebuild the Russian empire is a threat not only to Poland, but to the entire free world. The best response to these threats is to build the defense capabilities of the Polish Army. And this process is consistently going on,” said Deputy Prime Minister Mariusz Błaszczak.

On April 18, in the Nowy Świat Sea Port, Mariusz Błaszczak, Deputy Prime Minister-Minister of National Defense, in the presence of the Supreme Commander of the Polish Armed Forces, President Andrzej Duda, observed the exercise of soldiers of the 16th Mechanized Division as part of the Zalew-23 tactical exercise.

We want all types of the Polish Armed Forces, but also officers, to train in such a way that the level of security is as high as possible. We saw the response to the terrorist attack. We are aware of the threats of hybrid attacks (…) Soldiers of the Polish Army will exercise in such a way as to ensure security and to deter the aggressor.

– noted the head of the Ministry of National Defence.

In turn, President Andrzej Duda drew attention to the importance of the region of the Zalew-23 exercise.

We are in the port of Nowy Świat on the so-called digging of the Vistula Spit. This section of the waterway is of strategic importance for the defense of the borders and territory of the Republic of Poland (…) It is essential to improve the skills of the army (…) Conclusions from this exercise will be used for further actions.

– said the head of the Polish armed forces.

Tactical exercise with Pk. ZALEW-23 was aimed at conducting operations in the Gulf of Gdańsk, reconnaissance of the Polish border in the area of ​​the Vistula Lagoon, and responding to hybrid threats in cooperation with WOT, the Police and the Border Guard.

We have many examples of modern weapons that are already in service with the Polish Army. This process began in 2015, when President Andrzej Duda took office, when Law and Justice began to rule. This process will take place consistently, because our goal is to ensure the security of our Homeland (…) I would like to thank the President once again, the commander of the armed forces for his presence and for the support he gives to our activities on a daily basis (…) to strengthen the Polish Army.

– said Deputy Prime Minister M. Błaszczak.

The main objective of the exercise was to demonstrate the ability of units and units of the 16th Mechanized Division to respond to military and non-military threats from the sea, using the new waterway through the Vistula Spit, in the border area on the Vistula Lagoon.

The exercise is very important for building interoperability, cooperation between allied forces and NATO forces. We saw the equipment of the United States (…) but also British, Romanian and Croatian soldiers are training together with soldiers from the 16th Mechanized Division, specifically from the 15th Brigade. They exercise every day to ensure the security of our Homeland, but also of the entire eastern flank of the North Atlantic Alliance

– said the head of the Ministry of National Defense.

There’s a minehunter behind us. One of three already in service. The next ones ordered, after being produced by Polish shipyards, will go into service – this is a very good project. These minehunters work well. Sailors speak of them in superlatives.

– emphasized Minister Błaszczak.

2,500 soldiers from units of the Land Forces, Navy, Armed Forces Support Inspectorate, WOT and allied forces that are part of the NATO Battalion Battle Group participate in the exercise. In addition, about 500 units of combat equipment and logistical support are involved in the exercise.