At the Vympel shipyard (part of the United Shipbuilding Corporation), as part of a project to create unmanned ships, tests of the Taimen strapdown orientation system, a set of equipment for unmanned and remote navigation, took place.

During the tests, the complex was installed on a VYMPEL 8100 composite boat and, in unmanned mode, the autonomy, maneuverability, dynamics, smoothness and other characteristics of the product were checked. The boat was controlled from a tablet and monoblock.

The Taimen complex includes an autonomous software and hardware unit for scanning water areas, which, using software and neural network algorithms, is capable of detecting and recognizing air, underwater and surface threats, performing hydrographic work, and special tasks for searching for marine equipment made of metal and radio-transparent polymer materials. The complex also includes units for providing situational awareness, maneuvering, navigation, equipment for radio data exchange, and a remote-control center.

The Taimen orientation system can be used as a platform for patrolling, monitoring the situation in places of man-made disasters, in the event of oil spills and fires on reservoirs, in stormy conditions, in difficult ice conditions, while searching for people in distress. This eliminates the risk to the life and health of emergency services employees, rescuers, firefighters, and military personnel.

The project to create unmanned vessels is being implemented by JSC OSK-Technologies together with the Marinek Group of Companies, a Russian manufacturer of navigation and communications equipment.