A key national security requirement is the effective understanding of all activities, events and trends in the maritime domain that could threaten the safety, security, economy, or environment of a state.

VANGUARD is a maritime system adaptable and affordable to every role relevant to achieve this understanding and to act accordingly. The effective area covered by VANGUARD is the combined areas of the mothership and the UAVs/USVs acting in manned, remote or autonomous modes.

The mothership is truly a “workhorse” built around a multi purpose hangar supporting both helicopter, UAVs and USVs according to role as needed. Change of roles is done in hours.

Based on experience

VANGUARD combines World Class expertise in Naval Systems Integration from Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace AS, ship design expertise from the most challenging waters in the world by Salt Ship Design AS and ship equipment from Kongsberg Maritime AS which has proven its quality from more than 18 000 ships around the world.

Efficient “Design to Purpose” procurement process

The VANGUARD system introduces an efficient and proven design to purpose process securing customer involvement in the design phase, local yards participation in the building process and short building time, all of which ensures that the ship is relevant and state of the art when delivered.


  • A mothership/USV/AUV/UAV design providing a survey area twice the size of conventional Navy vessels
  • A hybrid ship, adapted to operational needs, built to the highest IMO standards with military reinforcements for handling weapons and communications
  • World class Naval Systems Integration expertise
  • Proven ship design expertise from the roughest waters in the world
  • Both procurement and maintenance costs significantly lower than Navy vessels, giving approximately 50% reduced Life Cycle Cost VANGUARD System


The Vanguard mothership desigh has been forwarded to DNV GL for pre-approval, with the conclution that “Vanguard prepared by Salt Ship Design AS meets applicable requirements in the specified class notations and regulations”. 

Ship type notations:

  • 1A Naval Support (Hull, Stab, EVAC, Fire)

Additional notations:

RP(3,50), HELDK(S,H,F), BWM(T), Clean(Design, Tier III), DYNPOS(AUTS), E0, NAUT(AW, INS+), Recyclable, COMF(V-3, C-3), Cyber Secure, TMON(oil lubrication)