USS Ross (DDG 71), returned from sea trials May 24, marking the successful completion of an 18-month Extended Dry-Docking Selected Restricted Availability (EDSRA).

This extensive overhaul, which includes planned maintenance and modernization that cannot be accomplished while the ship is afloat, began in November 2022. Mid-Atlantic Regional Maintenance Center (MARMC) managed the EDSRA at BAE Systems Ship Repair in Norfolk.

“The MARMC SBS [Shipbuilding Specialist] team did a phenomenal job at working with the contractor,” said Gill Powell, USS Ross project manager. “They made sure everything flowed smoothly. Working with James Jones Jr., the project manager from BAE, was really a pleasure. He facilitated solutions I hadn’t seen before. The entire team, from MARMC and BAE, worked very well together.”

Major work completed included underwater hull maintenance, combat system upgrades, main propulsion system repairs, preservation of internal ballast and fuel tanks and external superstructure, and crew berthing and dining compartment rehabilitation. A significant upgrade involved replacing the rubber window on the sonar dome.

“The rubber window replacement was a late addition,” said Powell. “That’s a big deal, a $3.5 million big deal. Typically, when a ship enters dry dock, the contractor builds their plan based on existing requirements. When something of that magnitude comes in late, it usually disrupts the schedule. However, our team was able to overcome this hurdle and still deliver the ship on time.”

“The successful completion of this EDSRA is a testament to the incredible teamwork between our MARMC Project Team, the USS Ross crew, CNRMC / SEA 21 [Commander, Navy Regional Maintenance Center/Director, Surface Ship Maintenance, Modernization and Sustainment], the BAE team, and many other Industry partners in the Hampton Roads area,” said MARMC Commanding Officer, Capt. Jay Young. “This complex repair availability demanded a high level of collaboration from all stakeholders involved. I am incredibly proud of the dedication and hard work that everyone invested in bringing USS Ross back to the fleet and ready to continue its vital role in our nation’s security.”

“Ross’s EDSRA was a massive undertaking, and its success wouldn’t have been possible without everyone involved, especially the SBSs,” said Project Manager Roy Reynolds. “As a project manager, it’s my job to mentor the SBSs, giving them guidance and support. They put in countless hours, tackled complex challenges, all while consistently delivering high-quality work. Their hard work and commitment were a key factor in delivering Ross back to the fleet on-time.”

MARMC, a field activity under Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA), provides surface ship maintenance, management and oversight of private sector maintenance and fleet technical assistance to ships in the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States.