Arleigh Burke-class guided-missile destroyer USS Paul Hamilton (DDG 60) departed from Singapore after a scheduled port visit at Changi Naval Base Feb. 5th.

The visit underscored Singapore’s strategic importance to an enduring free and open Indo-Pacific by enabling presence, assured access, and defense to the global commons. Visits to Singapore allow U.S. Navy warships to strengthen relationships with like-minded regional partners and respond to critical areas in the Indo-Pacific, as well as enhancing the longstanding friendship between the Republic of Singapore and the United States.

“I am grateful the Paul Hamilton crew was able to further develop our country’s relationship with Singapore,” said Cmdr. Jake Ferrari, commanding officer, USS Paul Hamilton. “We’re committed to maintaining and strengthening our bonds with the Republic of Singapore. In doing so, we ensure our forces can operate together effectively and maintain stability and open sea lanes in the Indo-Pacific region.”