Escanaba returned home to Portsmouth, Monday, following a 51-day patrol in the Eastern Pacific Ocean.

Patrolling in support of Joint Interagency Task Force-South, Escanaba worked alongside other Coast Guard cutters, Department of Defense and Department of Homeland Security units, and several international partners to conduct counterdrug operations.

Escanaba’s crew disrupted illegal narcotics smuggling, interdicting 3,520 kilograms of cocaine valued at more than $102 million, which were offloaded in Port Everglades, Florida. While in theater, Escanaba worked to detect and interdict drug-smuggling vessels and suspected traffickers. Escanaba’s crew directly contributed to Coast Guard objectives to combat transnational criminal organizations and enhance regional stability and security.

Escanaba’s operations were augmented by a Coast Guard Helicopter Interdiction Tactical Squadron crew, which delivered air support for the use of force, and a tactical law enforcement detachment, which supplied skilled boarding personnel for mission strategy and strengthened law enforcement activities.

“The Escanaba hasn’t patrolled the Eastern Pacific for nearly a year, so this is the first counterdrug experience for many in the crew,” said Cmdr. Jared Silverman, the commanding officer of Escanaba. “I am beyond impressed with their ability to perform in less-than-ideal weather and circumstances. Beyond our operational success, the crew was able to build life-long bonds through once-in-a-lifetime experiences like transiting through the Panama Canal, to having fish calls in the Eastern Pacific. I’m glad that we could make these memories while accomplishing the mission as a unified crew.”