The incorporation of this ship is a strategic step for the National Navy in its mission to protect and safeguard national waters. With the ROU 10 Huracan, the Navy is better equipped to fulfill its duty to defend maritime sovereignty and ensure security on the maritime and river front.

The donation of the vessel, formerly known as PKM 318 class “Chamsuri” in the South Korean Navy, is a testament to the strong diplomatic and military ties between the two nations.


ROU 10 Huracán with a length of 37 meters. and 6 mts. De Manga is designed to carry out patrol and surveillance missions in Uruguayan territorial waters, reinforcing maritime security and contributing to the protection of the country’s natural resources.
Equipped with a technologically advanced firing system, the vessel possesses significant military power, enabling it to meet various challenges at sea.

This capability includes conducting search and rescue operations, as well as interdiction of illicit activities, thereby strengthening Uruguay’s maritime presence and defense.

The flagging ceremony was attended by senior naval officials from both countries, as well as dignitaries and diplomatic representatives. Among the Uruguayan attendees were the Uruguayan ambassador to South Korea, Mr. Pablo Sheiner; Rear Admiral José Ruiz Tocci, Director of Naval Material; and Commander Jorge Cigliutti, commander of the ship. During the event, the traditional protocols and the formal delivery of the National Pavilion were carried out, symbolizing the new identity of the ROU 10 “Huracán” under the flag of Uruguay.

ROU 10 Huracán will be transported aboard a merchant ship soon to Uruguay, where it will be received at the Naval Area of the Port of Montevideo this year.