The Ministry of Defense today (19) day stated that from 18 to 19 days, the Ministry of Defense has seized 55 sorties of common ships and 7 sorties of ships, and continued to invade the Jaehai and surrounding areas. Related provocative actions are suitable for the initiator of increased tension and deteriorating regional security. During this period, the national military officers and soldiers did not seek war with 「 preparation for war, and should fight for non-evasion 」 thinking, adapt, calm response, respond to combat readiness, implement training requirements, and engage in combat training work in conjunction with actual combat scenes, and fully improve the defense of combat effectiveness.

The Ministry of Defense reiterates that the peace and stability of the Taiwan Sea, which is a matter of concern for the security and prosperity and well-being of the Indy region, are the joint responsibility of all parties in the region. Call on the Beijing authorities to take responsibility and immediately stop unilateral acts that undermine the status quo.