The Iranian Naval Ship (IRIS) Bushehr and Tonb arrived at the port of Colombo on a formal visit this morning (16th February 2024). The visiting ships were welcomed by the Sri Lanka Navy in compliance with naval traditions.

IRINS Bushehr is a 107 meter long ship manned by 270 crew members and she is commanded by Commander MAHDI BALVARDI. IRINS Tonb is a 94.94 meter long platform with a crew of 250. It is commanded by Commander MOHAMMAD HAJI ZADEH.

Meanwhile, the Commanding Officers of the ships are scheduled to call on Commander Western Naval Area and Director General Operations of the Navy, during their stay in the country.

Additionally, naval personnel from both nations are anticipated to participate in various programs aimed at fostering cooperation. Furthermore, the crew members of the Iranian ships will have the opportunity to visit several tourist attractions in Sri Lanka.

Moreover, Officer Cadets and personnel from the Sri Lanka Navy will be able to visit Iranian Naval Ships in Colombo, and reciprocally, Officer Cadets and personnel from the Iranian ships will visit Sri Lanka Naval Ships. The duo of Iranian Naval Ships are scheduled to depart the island on 19th February.