During the trip to Rio de Janeiro, navigation maneuvers were carried out for the instruction of the Sailors and Midshipmen on board, in addition to making protocol visits to the civil and military authorities.

After setting sail from Recife, the Training Ship (BE) “Esmerada” resumed its training activities, performing sailing maneuvers, classes and exhibitions for the Sailors and Midshipmen on board.

During the seven days that the journey lasted, there were good wind conditions, which favored the execution of navigation exercises such as forward and round maneuvers.

The maneuver by forward consists of changing the direction of the ship, passing the bow by the wind, and for this, the four sticks must be coordinated and hunt or load the different sails, to take advantage of the speed of the ship and continue sailing. Performing these exercises, the ship reached a maximum speed of 10 nds (20 km/hr), only sailing under sail, being the highest speed reached during this Instruction trip.

Meanwhile, the round tack consists of passing the stern of the ship through the wind and is used to make a change of course. For this it is necessary to operate with the maneuver rigging, that is, to have a certain group of sails deployed and the crew trained, to be able to work the rigging and sail simultaneously. In this activity, teamwork and discipline are important, being all the work directed from the Command Bridge and controlled by the boatswain of each pole.

The ship docked on Sunday, September 17, at the Port of Rio de Janeiro, being received by the Ambassador of Chile in Brazil, Sebastián Depolo, and the Naval Attaché of Chile in Brazil, Captain Claudio Muñoz. That same day, a campaign mass was held with Chileans living in Brazil, which ended with a pie de cueca made by personnel of the Unit.

During his stay, the Commander of the “Esmeralda”, Captain Juan Soto, made protocol visits to local authorities, while a delegation of Midshipmen went to the Brazilian Naval School, where they placed a marine offering to the Bust of Commander Arturo Prat.