In response to the criticism of the Internet forum, the signature “h36826 (Yeh)” broke the news that “the communist army’s missile violated our airspace and fell into our territorial waters”, the Ministry of National Defense today On the 12th, it was stated that the National Army’s use of joint intelligence surveillance and reconnaissance measures can fully and closely grasp the Communist Army’s dynamics. The aforementioned content is fake news circulating on the Internet, and the people of the country are urged not to listen to it and repost it.

The Ministry of National Defense emphasized that some of the confuse and fabricated false information deliberately undermined the public’s support and confidence in the national army. It cannot be ruled out that the enemy’s cognition of combat tactics. After a complete collection of evidence, the police will be referred to assist in the investigation and be prosecuted according to law. We appeal to the people of the country not to spread false information and false information, and avoid falling into the enemy’s trap of undermining national security.