The seventh Anping-class frigate, Wanli, built by CITIC Shipbuilding Company, was delivered on November 10, 2012. It set sail from Kaohsiung Port yesterday (3) and successfully arrived in Taipei today (4) Harbor patrol base. In order to welcome the latest combat force, the Northern Area Mobile Coast Guard (later known as the Northern Coast Guard) arranged for the patrol boat of the Second Coast Guard to spray water outside the port to greet the new ship. In order to pray for the smooth service of the new ship and the safety of people and ships, a special blessing ceremony was held.

The addition of the Wanli ship will further enhance the capabilities of the Northern Air Force in the northern seas. The Wanli ship, the Tamsui ship and the Bali ship belonging to the Beiji Fleet are both 600-ton frigates. This type of ship uses 4 MTU high-speed main engines, with a speed of more than 40 knots, and is equipped with high-pressure water cannons with a range of up to 120 m; the weapon is equipped with a Zhenhai rocket weapon system and a (2-tube) 20-meter cannon remote-controlled turret. It can not only perform maritime firefighting and enhance fishery protection effects, but can also be used for peacetime and wartime conversions when future wars are considered.

The Beiji Fleet said: The current frigates in the fleet are Hsinchu, Yilan, New Taipei, Taoyuan, Tamsui, and Bali, and they are also equipped with Wanli frigates, which will add a lot of assistance to the rescue and fishery protection capabilities in the northern waters. , is also a great boon to fishermen, and adheres to the belief that “where the fishermen are, the coast patrol will be there.” Continue to play the role of the guardian of the blue land.