The new 1,000-ton frigate Changhua (CG1001) under the Fleet Sub-administration of the Coast Guard’s “Preparation for the Development of Coastal Patrol Ships” arrived at the Taichung Harbor Wharf on the morning of November 18, and then planned a 10-day receiving training. During the training period, he sailed to the sea off Changhua for various specialized training. On December 6th, he passed the assessment by the Education, Training and Examination Center of the Coast Guard Administration and was able to officially serve, and then he will serve in law enforcement, life-saving and frontier epidemic prevention in the central region. Add new energy to the task.

The newly built 1,000-ton frigate is not only optimized in design, but also has a longer ship shape than Haixun’s existing 1,000-ton frigate, and has a larger space for use. The wave resistance and endurance have been simultaneously improved. In order to strengthen the search for evidence and search and rescue capabilities, the ship It is equipped with a night vision system, which can perform all-weather surveillance operations under harsh walruses, and is equipped with a flight deck, which can be used by the air crew to take off and land, carry out personnel transportation and evacuate the injured; it is also equipped with 4 horizontal ranges up to 120 Mizhi high-pressure water cannons, two of which have the function of fire-fighting foam fire extinguishing, can effectively enhance the energy of law enforcement, life-saving and fishing protection in my country’s sea areas, and undertake the heavy responsibility of the guardian of my country’s blue land.

In terms of weapon system, it is equipped with the Zhenhai weapon system developed by the Chinese Academy of Sciences, which replaces the 40 fast guns and is responsible for surface melee defense tasks. It has the ability to intimidate and attack targets within the firing range. The system is equipped with a thermal imaging system, and night flares are selected, which can enhance the performance of maritime deterrence and night search and rescue, and take on the mission of ship security around the clock.

The Mobile Sea Patrol Team in the Central Region stated: The performance optimization of the Changhua Ship can effectively strengthen the power of law enforcement in the central waters, protect the safety of Chinese fishermen’s operations and perform rescue missions at sea. The patrol will provide assistance as soon as possible.