The Headquarters of the Sixth Patrol Area of ​​the Coast Guard Agency conducted a radar search yesterday (4th) and found that there was a fishing boat in the sea area 0.1 mile outside the north embankment of Anping Port in Tainan. It was suspected that fishing boats were illegally releasing cages near the shore. Immediately dispatched the No. The three UAV team went to collect evidence and successfully seized the fishing boat for illegally releasing cage operations. The whole case will be sent to the competent authority for punishment in accordance with the violation of the Fisheries Law.

On the morning of February 4, 2012, the radar operator of the Sixth Patrol Command Headquarters found a fishing boat wandering slowly in the waters 0.1 mile outside the North Dike of Anping Port, Tainan. It was suspected that there was illegal placement of cages near the shore, and immediately dispatched the first one. The third drone team of the coast patrol went to the scene to check and collect evidence. After arriving in the sea area, the third drone team immediately controlled the drone to patrol and inspect, and found that a fishing boat had illegally released cages near the shore. Has violated the relevant regulations of “Operating or concurrently operating cage fishing boats in the waters of Tainan City should be observed and noted: Fishing boats over 5 tons are prohibited from operating within 3 miles from the shore of this city throughout the year”, and will be sent to the fishing port of Tainan City in accordance with the Fisheries Law And Offshore Management Office.
The First Shore Patrol Team of the Southern Branch stated: In order to implement law enforcement in the sea area, protect marine ecology, and demonstrate determination to maintain marine resources, drones will continue to be used in the future to give full play to their maneuverability and real-time video recording and evidence collection functions to carry out “law enforcement in the sea area” and “lifesaving”. Rescue” and “investigate smuggling, smuggling” and other tasks, if the public needs or finds illegality, they can call the “118” reporting hotline, and the Coast Guard will quickly provide various services and assistance; core values”, if the public discovers corruption and illegality, please call the anti-corruption reporting hotline 02-22399241.