The 35th patrol boat, the 24th patrol boat of the “Preparing to Build a 3511-ton Patrol Boat Development Plan for the Coastal Guard Ship Development Plan” of the Coast Guard Fleet Sub-Branch arrived at the Tainan Coast Patrol this afternoon (14th), and was accompanied by a 100-ton boat to hold a water spray ceremony to welcome the boat to join the ranks of law enforcement and epidemic prevention work in the sea area, adding new strength to the duty energy in the waters of Tainan.

The newly built 35-ton patrol boat adopts waterjet thrusters, the maximum speed is 45 knots, relative to a speed of about 83 kilometers per hour, the ship speed is fast, the draft is shallow, the maneuvering is flexible, the cruising range is up to 600 miles, when suspicious targets or life-saving cases are found at sea, it can be immediately accelerated. This type of boat is equipped with a high-pressure water sight with fire extinguishing function, with a spray volume of about 7,60 liters per hour and a maximum range of more than 35 meters. In addition, the hull part is made of aluminum alloy to strengthen the anti-collision function of the ship’s gunwale, and for refusal to cooperate with illegal ships, it will be able to adopt strong boarding and inspection, effectively improving the life-saving energy and illegal investigation ability in Tainan waters.

The Tainan Coast Guard said that the new 118-ton patrol boat is the current mainstream ship type of the Coast Guard with its high maneuverability, so as to give full play to the advantages of the fast fighting fleet. If the public discovers illegal matters or needs the services of the Coast Patrol Unit, please call the Service Line of the Coast Patrol as soon as possible, and the Coast Guard will immediately go to deal with it to protect the safety of the Chinese people.