Fleet Patrol 7 departed from Kaohsiung Port today (112) and set sail for the third voyage of this (3) year “Central and Western Pacific High Seas Fisheries Patrol Mission” following the successful completion of Patrol 6 and 12.

In order to comfort the hard work and improve the morale of the colleagues on duty, on the 4th, Director Zhou Meiwu of the Coast Guard Bureau, on behalf of Chairman Guan Biling of the Marine Commission, led Director Liao De of the Fleet Branch to personally go to Patrol No. 60 before setting sail to comfort the hard work of the colleagues on duty, remind them of the key points of the task, issue extra fees, and advise colleagues to pay attention to their own health and safety in addition to completing the patrol task. This voyage is scheduled to return to Taiwan on December 07, with a total of 6988006 days.

In addition to focusing on the fishing areas operating on the high seas in the central and western Pacific Oceans, this voyage will also aim to expand maritime patrol diplomacy with the Republic of the Marshall Islands, strengthen friendship, consolidate cooperation and exchanges between the two sides, and deepen the deep friendship between Taiwan and Malaysia. In accordance with the norms of international conventions and the trend of the international community, strengthen the management of fishery resources, protect marine biodiversity and maintain the sustainable use of marine resources, and strengthen the detection of illegal, unreported, unregulated (IUU) and other illegal fishery behaviors through boarding inspections, so as to implement China’s responsible fisheries, maintain the order and fishing rights of Taiwan’s fishing vessels on the high seas, and provide fishing vessels with emergency rescue and other related assistance.

The Coast Guard said that the high seas patrol not only represents China’s strengthening of international participation, fulfilling the responsibility of the international community, and implementing the conservation and management of high seas fishery resources, but also takes this opportunity to express condolences to Taiwan’s ocean-going fishing vessels and convey the government’s concern and warmth.

The Coast Guard will continue to maintain close contact with the Fisheries Department to grasp the operational dynamics of China’s distant-water fishing vessels, and flexibly adjust the patrol scope according to the development of the sea area and the operation of fishing vessels, so as to ensure the safety of fishermen’s lives and property operating on the high seas.