The Coast Guard Fleet Branch PP-10086 patrol boat arrived at Fugang Garan Fishing Port on the 17th, and will be stationed on Green Island, officially becoming the new force of the eastern region of the Coast Patrol, the 15th Coast Guard held a special reception ceremony and blessing ceremony, in order to pray for the smooth performance of the tasks of life rescue, sea law enforcement and fishery resource maintenance, and declared the government’s firm position of serving the villagers in the Taitung area with the latest energy, and made its maiden voyage to Green Island after the ceremony, revealing the concept of uninterrupted service on the islands.

In addition to the meaning of inheritance, PP-10068 boat is the first of 15 100-ton patrol boats built by Taiwan International Shipbuilding Co., Ltd., and PP-10086 boat is the last one, symbolizing that the coastal patrol “always” serves Taitung.

In view of the vast sea area under the jurisdiction of Taitung County, in order to better carry out the task of sea patrol and serve the people of Taitung, Green Island and even Lanyu, PP-10086 patrol boat adopts two high-speed main engines and waterjet thrusters, with a maximum speed of 30 knots and a cruising range of 1200 li (about 2,160 km). Medical evacuation mission for wounded and sick patients in Lanyu to improve the efficiency of rescue missions; At the same time, the hull of the boat is made of steel aluminum alloy upper structure, and equipped with a fire extinguishing system, the maximum range of the water column can reach 50 meters, which helps to strengthen the energy of driving away cross-border ships and fire extinguishing, effectively defend national sovereignty, safeguard fishing rights, and immediately exert the power of fleet fast strike when suspicious targets are found at sea, increase law enforcement deterrence resistance, and improve the effectiveness of banning crimes at sea.

The 15th Coast Guard further stated that PP-10086 boats have sufficient space and medical operation platforms to meet the medical and evacuation needs of outlying island areas, and can provide more complete services together with medical and fire fighting units, and will serve as the most solid backing for Taitung villagers’ maritime activities and navigation, and will also aim to become a law enforcement barrier in the sea area to protect the safety of the eastern sea.