Last month, the offshore patrol vessel (OPV) ‘Audaz’ called at the port of Douala, the most populated city of Cameroon and economic hub of that nation. Days before, the ship had been conducting several operational activities supporting the Cameroon Navy and the MMCC (Maritime Multinational Coordination Centre) as part of the CMP-Gulf of Guinea deployment. Since her departure from Spain last January, the ‘Audaz’ has sailed more than 10,000 nautical miles.

Upon her arrival at Douala, the OPV was welcomed by the Spanish Ambassador to Cameroon who embarked and talked to the crew, congratulating them for their endeavors. Likewise, the ship’s Commanding Officer paid protocol visits to regional military and civilian authorities which help strengthen the State’s diplomacy plan abroad.

During her stay in port, many cooperation activities were organized with members of the Cameroon Navy including diving and fire-fighting drills as well as VBSS exercises and protection of infrastructures. There was also time for more leisure activities like sports games and social events. The ship’s CO and some crew members had also the chance to learn of Cameroon’s contribution to the YAMS (Yaounde Architecture for Maritime Security and Safety), as this country plays a key role within the ‘D Zone’ of this regional security organization.

The offshore patrol vessel ‘Audaz’ (P-45) is integrated into the Maritime Action Force of the Fleet. The task of these units is to protect national maritime interests and control the areas of national sovereignty, providing a comprehensive approach and collaborating with other State departments with responsibilities in the maritime domain.