During patrols of the eastern Mediterranean Sea, Standing NATO Maritime Group Two (SNMG2) made a scheduled port stop in the Turkish port of Aksaz.

The Commander of SNMG2, Italian Navy Rear Admiral Pasquale Esposito, paid a visit to the Naval Base there, holding meetings with the Naval Base Commander, Rear Admiral Neslim Eski, and the Commander of the Southern Operational Group, Rear Admiral Yusuf Akyüz.

They were able to discuss topics important to all Allies, including operations at sea in these difficult times of evolving crises and instability.

Such visits remain an important part of Allied maritime activity, as they deepen cooperation and partnership between navies. They also reinforce the shared vision of the maritime as a fundamental and deployable resource, helping NATO guarantee security and stability for all shipping.

The meetings continued on board the SNMG2 flagship, ITS Bergamini, where the Naval Group organized a reception, returning the warm hospitality shown by the Turkish Navy.