On March 30th, a technical problem arose with a missile aboard the frigate Niels Juel, which is in port in Korsør. The problem has been solved and airspace and sea routes are again open to traffic.

The situation with the missile arose in connection with a mandatory test, during which the launcher, booster, on one of the ship’s missiles was activated and, apparently, could not be deactivated again.

During the afternoon, the Defense Ministry’s Materiel and Procurement Agency specialists worked to investigate whether it was an armor of the launcher or whether it was an electronic fault message.

The specialists carried out a number of different tests, after which it was found that the booster was not armored and that there is no longer a risk that the missile can be fired.

In connection with the situation, an area was created off Naval Station Korsør, where shipping traffic and flying traffic were stopped. Both of these precautions were called off at approximately 20:00 and traffic can now move freely again.